Lubricants help bearings perform their core function: Reducing friction.

It’s necessary that we pay attention to the purposes of different types of grease and their functions, and how we should lubricate bearings.

Ideally, there should be just a thin film of grease between the surfaces where friction is to be minimized. Additionally, this film of grease should facilitate heat dissipation to prevent overheating of bearings, and protect the parts from moisture, corrosion and ingress of contaminants.

A good lubricant has the following characteristics:

- Consistently viscous over a broad temperature range
- Structurally stable to improve longevity
- Non-corrosive to covered components

1.Oil Based Lubricants:
Reduced torque
Higher speeds achievable

- Subject to evaporation, hence service life may be lesser than grease

Small bearings are typically lubricated only once in their lifetimes, but more heavy duty bearings require re-lubrication systems installed onto them for maintaining uniform lubrication levels and standards.

Selection Criteria:
Viscosity, Evaporation Rate and Temperature Range

SS - Oil Lubrication



2.Grease Based Lubricants:
Additive oils and substances can improve bearing performance through anti-corrosion components and fortifiers
Minimised tendency to evaporation due to semi-solidity

- Lower tolerance to high speeds

Selection Criteria:
Stiffness Level, Base Oil Viscosity and Temperature Range

Most Commonly Used:
NLGI Type 2 for bearings with rolling elements

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KYK Grease
3. Solid Lubricants:
Can handle extreme situations where oil & grease cannot perform – Eg. Extreme temperatures, vacuums and radiation zones.
Minimised tendency to evaporation due to semi-solidity

- Highly specialised application lubricants may be difficult to procure

Coating Materials:
Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2), Graphite, Gold, Silver and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)


SS - Solid Lubrication


Should you ever need help in choosing the right grease, feel free to contact us and one of our engineers will help you make the right choice!

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