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KYK Corporation Ltd. (Old Company Name – Yamakei Bearing Ltd.) was established in 1952, in Osaka, Japan.

They are the owner and manufacturer of world renowned “KYK” Brand. KYK Bearings are sold in over 50 countries, including, USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, India, Iran and other Middle East and Asian countries. The strict adherence to Japanese Precision and Quality Standards makes KYK the preferred choice of product. Bearings are made as per JIS Standards, and are individually inspected and tested to ensure low noise and vibration in difficult environments.

In India, KYK is one of the fastest growing bearing brand, with supplies reaching heavy industry as well as high speed applications.


  • Worldwide Clientele – North America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia
  • Specialists in Automotive Bearings – Extensive list of Cars and Trucks for which guaranteed performance is provided


  • One the world’s leading supplier of automotive industry
  • Japanese Brand assuring Reliability
  • More than 50 Years of Experience
  • Large range of products catering to various industries
  • Ready inventory for immediate and prompt delivery
  • Complete technical support for products and related activities
  • In Depth Testing – Every Bearing Individually Tested