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Founder of the Bearing Standard in China, LYC is the largest bearing manufacturer in China. Started bearing manufacturing in 1954 with the facility size of 1, 00,000 sq mtrs. With great emphasis on Quality, LYC uses Cutting-Edge Technology with tremendous impetus on Research and Development.

LYC manufacturers over 10,000 varieties of bearings, spread across 9 individual categories. From bearings with 8mm diameter to 13.5 meter diameter, LYC has a strong presence in every significant Industry for bearing application.


  • Precise Bearing Design: LYC have developed Bearing Software independently for computer aided bearing design which helps the customers in precisely getting what they require for their product.
  • Quality Control System: Manufacturing process aided by acute quality assurance system. They have advance inspection & analysis facilities which helps to achieve high quality standards. Quality Controls are traced throughout the manufacturing process, including the metallurgical and chemical composition.
  • LYC has 300 research Engineers who develop 500 new products every year.
  • They have 5 Research Institutes and 4 Labs for New Researches in Bearing industry.


  • 60 years of Experience, 3000 technology Experts, 10,000 varieties
  • All Bearings and Components are produced In-House
  • Serving more than 70 countries
  • 24 Individual Factories
  • World-Class technology used in manufacturing
  • Expert in making bearing for Railway & Windmill industries
  • Commitment to the Environment